The NAFEM Show



How can a longstanding industry event evolve to engage a new generation of foodservice professionals?

Creative Solution

Upend the category by creating a brand for the show based on attendee desires for escape, entertainment and inspiration. Then, bring that brand story to life via a stunning, visual metaphor — an entire city made out of commercial food equipment and supplies, complete with linen napkin birds. All with the intent of driving registration and boosting attendee satisfaction through every phase of the customer journey. With relevant multi-channel messaging to all audience segments, a robust website and a lively, themed show experience, the NAFEM event delivered on its promise There’s No Show Like It On Earth.


11% increase in operator attendance

36% increase in unique website visits

40% registration rate from leads captured and nurtured


My Role: Hands-on strategic guide, creative director, copywriter

Copy: Jada Cash

Art: Brandon Pope

Agency: LoSasso


Event, Multichannel, Video/TV


February 19, 2020