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One of many cheeky content contributions I made to the Ziploc content hub for busy moms.

Sneak A Snack: Take your food to forbidden places

Here’s the snack-anywhere feat they don’t want you to read. Whether it’s to save money, stick to a diet, or simply to stave off the hangries (you know you get angry when you’re hungry!), every so often we all sneak snacks in places that, technically, we shouldn’t…but if you’re going to be a sneak, shouldn’t you at least do it right?


Don’t risk the frisk

The first rule of pocket dining: know the rules. That teenage usher at the movie theater probably won’t care that you’re packin’ almonds. The security guy at the entrance to the sports stadium—the one with authority to search and seize—he’s another story. That dude has no problem making a spectacle of you or your hidden edibles. So before bringing food into any venue, read the signs and the situation. And know the consequences of getting called out.


Is that a candy bar in your pocket?

When it comes to successful take-in, concealment is job one. Don’t make the novice mistake of heading into a matinee with a super-sized chip bag poking out of your purse or heavy chocolate bars weighing down your hoodie. Make your snack smuggling smart and discrete. Go in with a few kid-size portions of lightweight treats like popcorn, chocolate covered raisins or broken up bits of home-baked oatmeal bars, transported in individual Ziploc® brand Snack Bags. They’re easily tucked into coat or purse pockets and if anybody asks, they’re for the little ones. Duh!


Take the Trojan-Horse approach

That trip to the zoo would be a lot less wild—and more affordable—if you could tame your brood with frequent nourishment from home, right? Enter the humble stroller. It’s the ultimate mule for food smuggling. Pack homemade fruity peanut butter sandwiches in Ziploc® brand Sandwich Bags and stow them amongst the clean diapers. Ain’t nobody gonna mess with that. Stash frozen grapes or fresh carrot strips inside an extra baby bottle. The bin beneath the seat can easily house a six-pack of juice boxes—shrouded in a blanket, of course. And don’t forget the special sippy cup in the cup holder –filled with mommy’s Chai latte, of course.


Lord of the fries

Story time or study time at the library is always better with a little nosh. And in keeping with library protocol, silence is of the utmost importance. No crinkly, crackly wrappers allowed. Instead, unwrap candy bars or chips at home and seal in Ziploc® brand sandwich bags. Then go stealth with treats tucked inside the kids’ pockets-a-plenty cargo pants. Or, for extra credit, hide bags inside a hollow book. It goes without saying, the bigger the book the better the meal. A final word of advice, stick with shush-free, gooey-free snacks like melt-in-your-mouth veggie sticks, popcorn rice cakes or mini cheese crackers.


With a little ingenuity and sweet smarts, you can enjoy everything from snacks to sandwiches to espresso without dissing your wallet, your diet or your kids’ energy levels.


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February 19, 2020